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Here at PFF we are constantly extending our reach in the realm of media and seeking the most reputable and innovative partners in the world of sports.

Powered by AWS

The analytics capability within PFF is a rapidly evolving area. PFF utilize Sagemaker to deploy machine learning models efficiently without the need to manage or scale the underlying infrastructure. This ability allows us to make decisions and draw insights in real time and is quickly becoming a key component of PFF’s product portfolio.

With the help of Sagemaker, PFF is delivering unique decision making analysis to all 32 NFL teams and over 50 college team clients as well as broadcast partners such as NBC’s Sunday Night Football. What should a team do on this 4th and 1? How about the difference between running and passing on a 3rd and 3 from the 50 yard-line? When PFF’s unique, play by play grading is harnessed together with other data sources (including the NFL’s NGS data), it delivers understandable insights that are changing the way the game is analyzed, broadcast, and played.

PFF will continue leveraging the power of the AWS Cloud and Sagemaker to deploy tools that use machine learning to help make teams, partners and fans analyze and enjoy football more intelligently. For example by accurately predicting how a college player will perform at the next level, considering likely weather conditions, scheme and the roster of his new team.

AWS is the cornerstone of every project we do at PFF. Our digital products go to all 32 NFL teams, 58 college teams, multiple networks and thousands of individual consumers. AWS has to flawlessly deliver to each customer across all of our digital platforms. Their services expand and contract automatically, maximizing economic value for us.

At PFF, we try to focus on every detail. The one thing I have never worried about is AWS delivery of our products to our customers. They are the champions of reliability, and we are thrilled with their performance for PFF.

— Cris Collinsworth