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Practice Makes Perfect

The draft is the most important thing in fantasy football. A savvy player can make a run with the waiver wire and trades, but the vast majority of the time, if you bomb the draft, you bomb the season.

So if it’s that important, it’s worth practicing.

Mock drafts are a crucial part of each season’s fantasy prep. It’s worth knowing what a team will look like with a certain strategy before executing that strategy in a draft that matters. How will your roster look if you go zero-RB? Is it worth spending a super-early pick on Patrick Mahomes, or is it better to wait for a Philip Rivers type? Tight ends — plunge on one of the big names early or wait and hope to strike gold late?

We can guess at the answers to these using history as our guide, and that’s all well and good, but when it comes to the current season specifically, there’s no substitute for an actual draft to see actual results and actual rosters. That’s what our mock draft tool can do. Want to test out a strategy? Want to see how a team would look with a specific player? Want to, I don’t know, draft a defense in the first round? Best to do that when there are no stakes.

Check out our tool. Prepare for the season. Win your league.

Roster position limits and scoring rules can vary widely from league to league. Add your league in order to see our projections converted to YOUR league's scoring system and receive customized data and advice. e.g. rankings across positions are different in an 8 team league vs. a 14 team league.